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  1. Daves Pest Control saved my Easter. You could not get to my front porch due to Carpenter Bees. I tried everything imaginable to get rid of them. One spraying and it eliminated at least 50 to 60 carpenter bees around my front door. Thank you!

  2. Dave’s Pest Control recently treated my home for termites and gave us a termite bond. On the phone Dave was well spoken and polite. He broke down where all of my money was going. On top of that he beat the competitors prices by a pretty large margin. The day he and his crew came to do the work my wife was home. When I returned home my wife went on and on about how professional and clean cut the guys were. She was thoroughly impressed. With them and the quality of their work. We will be using Dave’s pest control for all of our future pest control needs.

  3. Dave’s Pest Control is the best. I have been using this company for 3 years and I love going outside without spraying poison on me and my granddaughter’s skin. He is prompt and courteous and is very good at his job. He took care of a yellow jacket nest in my barn once because he spotted it while spraying. Thank god he found it because one sting puts me in the hospital, and more than one could kill me. I guess you could say he probably saved my life. Thanx for all your jobs well done for me.


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