Identify Your Bug

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German roach—-light brown with 2 dark stripes down its back. They commonly infest kitchens and food storage and handling establishments.



American roach or water bug—-dark brown with wings. Commonly infest all areas of your house from attics to crawlspaces and every place in between by flying onto the house or crawling.



Oriental roach——shiny body reddish brown in color. This roach has no wings so it usually infest lower areas of your house.




Black widow spider——shiny black hairless body with a red hour glass shape on its stomach. Usually found outside and very poisonous.




Brown recluse spider——light brown body with a dark brown violin shape on its head usually found outside but sometimes invades houses and is very poisonous



Wolf spider——dark brown with pale yellowish white and brown markings. Commonly inhabits crawlspaces and attic and is non poisionous




Argentine ant——color varies from a light to dark brown and is commonly found inside and outside trailing one behind the other to find water or food.



Carpenter ant—–solid black and sometimes with a red coloration. They eat on decaying wood inside and outside of the house.




Fire ants——has a reddish color and makes mounds around sidewalk and in grass. Rarely seen inside.


Carpenter bee——black and yellow stripped. They eat holes the size of their body on any exposed wood and sometimes painted wood though not preferred. These bees can cause a great amount of wood damage. Males are aggressive hover around intruders but have no stingers . females have stingers but spend most of their time in the hole they made.



Wasp—–color ranges form yellow and black stripped to reddish and dark brown. They commonly make a paper looking nest around upper areas of your home.



Camel crickets——–light brown and found usually in moist dark areas such as a crawlspace.



Millipedes——-dark brown with small legs. They move very slow and are found in moist dark areas and commonly invade lower areas of the house by the hundreds



Scorpions——color ranges from dark brown to reddish brown to solid black. They can be found in crawlspaces and attics and sometimes in you house.




Rats———-also called roof rats or Norway rats found outside and in crawlspaces attics and garages




Mice——found outside and in crawlspaces , attics and garages




Indian meal moth——infest kitchen areas eating through cardboard and plastic to find grains, cereals, dog and bird food. They are light brown with a silver tint on their wings. They make cocoons around ceiling areas close to their food source.




Grain beetles——-infest kitchen areas eating through cardboard and plastic to find grains, rice, cereals, dog and bird food. They are solid black and are seen crawling on shelves close to food sources.